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Professional German voice-over artist

For many years I have been working as a German voice-over artist on all sorts of recordings. My young and versatile tone of voice can be cast for many purposes. I regularly work in voicing explainer videos and tutorials as well as dubbing TV series, films or videogames. You might have also heard my friendly voice in commercial and advertising videos on TV and on the internet. I have also earned a great deal of experience in the field of voicing documentary, corporate films, and audioguides. If you are looking for a German voice-over talent to record the voice for your next audio or video project you might just find the right fit in my professional and mature sound. Have a listen to my voice samples and demos of my recently finished projects.

Corporate / Explainer - Mashup
Documentary - TV Show
Commercial / Ad - Mashup
Trailer - Emotional
Audiobook (aggressive)
Character - Trainstation

Voice-Over for animated explainer video

Voice actor for a documentary

Many satisfied clients

Voice actor for all genres

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of voice recording and regular training of my voice and vocal sound I can adapt quickly to any genre you need a German voice track for. As a voice actor for animations and explainers for instance I can deliver either a serious and informative style of speaking or read your script dynamically and in a wild tone of voice. You may want me to read your commercial or video ad soft and low, if you need me to I can also pep it up to go loony and hilarious with your script. Anything in between those extrems is also possible - I make it so that my voice best represents your product, brand or establishment and so that you or your client is 100% satisfied with the finished audio.

Voicing a video commercial

International movie & series dubbing

As a German dubbing actor ("Synchronsprecher" in German) I have had the opportunity to work in some of the best and most successful TV series, movies and video games in the business. I regularly get booked to dub American TV shows or movies as my voice is very versatile. With my young voice can play the friendly teenage boy from next door but I can also shift to act as the voice of a notorious serial killer all of which I have proven on past productions. For those dubbing productions that I don't produce on my own in my studio I either visit the many local recording studios that we have in Cologne or hop on a train of plane to the designated studio in and around Germany. TV Series, films and movies that my voice has been used in are among others:
Fangbone, Orphan Black, Coppers, Assassination Classroom, Khali the Killer, Call the midwife, Ripperstreet and Halloween Haunt. Some of the many video games that I've worked for include: The last of us Part 2Star Wars Battlefront 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs 2Battlefield, Final Fantasy, StarCraft, Forza Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima - just to name a few.

Dubbing a Danish motion picture

German voice recording for supermarket chain

German voice talent with recording studio

My own recording studio allows me to independently and quickly produce professional high-quality voice recordings any time of the day, any day of the week. Here is where I make most of my German voice-over recordings for corporate films, explainers and all sorts of TV and internet videos. Situated in the heart of Germany's media captial Cologne my recording studio features high-end equipment such as a soundproof vocal booth by Studiobricks, the Neumann TLM 103 microphone and a MindPrint En-Voice MKII pre-amp. Those components make for a first-class sound and top-level voice recording. If requested I also have the ability to connect to any studio or client worldwide via reliable communication tools such as SessionLinkPro or Skype.

Audiobook (calm)
German character voices - Mix
Commercial - Ducati

Translation and recording of your script

One more service I provide aside from speaking your text into the microphone of my recording studio is the translation of your script. My extensive knowledge of the English language basically equal to the capability of a native speaker allows me to reliably translate any English text into German (and vice versa). Having worked on many kinds of audio projects as a voice talent I have gotten learn what makes for a good script and what does not. If you are looking for a German voice-over artist to record your explainer video for example your must script must be very well suited to the style and tone of voice of that actor. Having me translate and later record the script lets me choose just the right words during the translation so that I can narrate the text almost just the way I would do it if I spoke freely. This working process really rounds up your whole project and makes for a flawless finished product.

German voice in toys commercial

Voice-Over Talent from Cologne

Quick reply - fast delivery

Send me your request for a voice recording production today and I will get back to you with an individual quote shortly after. If you are not quite sure what my voice would sound like reading and acting out your script, I will be happy to record an extract of your script as a custom demo. This way you or your client have a better feel of what to expect when hiring me as your German voice actor. Once I have received the final script it usually takes less than 24 hours for me to record the text, edit the audio and send you the finalised sound file. 48Khz with 24-bit in uncompressed WAV-format is my go-to-setting but I will be happy to convert the file into your requested format. I am looking forward to your request, idea and project!

Clients / References

Voiceover / Corporate / Explainer

Electronic Arts
Maingau Energie
Aris Linearis
Industry Arena
Pronova BKK
Messe Düsseldorf
Auto Zeitung
Gemeinde Blankenheim
Deutscher Alpenverein
Messe Köln

Dubbing & Synchronisation (Excerpt)
Advertising / Commercial / Sponsoring

Sony Playstation
Matratzen Concord
Shakeweight Roll
Cosmos Direct
National Instruments
Film and Voice
Intelligente Knete

Videosgames / Apps


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